Wedding Trends 2024

Wedding Trends 2024

As we enter the magical wedding land of 2024, a sea of change is taking place within this beautiful industry. A departure from fleeting trends is underway, with couples gracefully embracing the enduring allure of classic, timeless designs. The focus will be on creating stylish celebrations that reflect personalisation, multiday festivities, unexpected tablescapes designs and immersive entertainment.

We are seeing a lot of IN and OUT and lots of trends being layered all over the internet, but do you have to follow them? The answer is no.

My own input regarding unique celebrations

Here is an innovating idea:

Starting the wedding festivities off with an official ceremony on Friday and then an intimate dinner is a beautiful and meaningful idea. In a low-key atmosphere, the newlyweds and their immediate family and friends can relish the moment, revel in the closeness, and commemorate the formal union.

Saturday at 5 o’clock for the wedding breakfast is a fantastic choice. A new and interesting approach would be to let people use the whole day to do what they want. The happy couple can relax and enjoy themselves thanks to this arrangement, which spares them the stress and hustle of wedding day preparations. To make sure the happy couple is ready to enjoy the party to the fullest, it’s best to get ready in a relaxed setting.

The current trend towards multi-day celebrations is perfectly in line with a vision for a wedding that takes place over the course of two days, with each day serving a different function and having its own distinct vibe. It makes the big day more enjoyable for everyone involved, from the happy couple to their guests, who can take it all in without feeling rushed. The first step in creating a wedding that truly reflects who we are is exploring our life story in great detail. When we look back on our lives, what are the specific events, characteristics, and aspirations that shape us? It’s about adding the shades of our personal narrative to the celebration, not merely choosing colours or themes.

Colour of the year

A colour can carry a profound message and Peach Fuzz is a delicate and comforting tone, whispers a tale of nurturing kindness and fostering deep connections. It’s a hue that transcends the visual spectrum, reaching into the realm of emotions and sentiments. The soft, peachy undertones evoke a sense of tranquillity, making it the perfect canvas for a year that seeks peace and harmony. But its not new in the wedding industry, we have been incorporating it for years and I love it, hopefully we will see more of it in big powerful statements.

Make it yours

The little things that makes you unique, as a couple can become moments on your special day. Your favourite wine or a specific dish, silly inside jokes or special moments from your life can be transformed into a unique feature on the day. Every detail, from a menu item that brings back fond memories to a flower that honours a common interest, adds a personal touch that tells our love story and makes the celebration truly special. Delve deep and find those quirks.


The goal is simple but profound. When the last dance has been danced and the final toast has been made, we want your guests to leave with a deep understanding of who we are as a couple. Each chosen detail, from the curated playlist to the carefully selected decor, becomes a piece of the puzzle that forms a cohesive image of your love story. The key lies in seeking those personal moments that make a big impact. It’s about transforming quirks into statements, inviting guests into the chapters of our story, and creating an atmosphere where everyone says, “Yes, this is who they are.” For in the deeply personal details, we find the magic that turns a celebration into an authentic reflection of you.