Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia

Marquee Weddings

Marquee weddings are a distinctive and popular choice if you’d like to create a unique and personal wedding experience.

They offer a blank canvas for you to design your dream wedding and unlike traditional venues with fixed decor and layouts, marquees provide a space that can be customised to reflect your style and theme.

From the layout and lighting to the decorations and colour scheme, every aspect of the wedding can be tailored to your vision.

A Unique Atmosphere

I love organising and designing marquee weddings as they can be set up in a variety of locations.

Private gardens, family estates, open fields or a hired countryside manor for the weekend. You can choose a place that has particular importance or that fits your preferred aesthetic.

Other benefits of opting for a marquee wedding? Guest list flexibility, outdoor connection, extended celebrations, supplier choice, unique atmosphere and no compromises!

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you to plan and set up the Marquee wedding of your dreams, then do get in touch so we can talk you through the finer details.

Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia
Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia


“Lucia is absolutely incredible! She listened to our vision for our day and offered the best advice on how to achieve the romantic dreamy look we were going for. She made our day so much more special by being there as a calming influence and brought our vision to life with heart and soul. Her eye for detail is second to none and we had so many compliments on how professional and helpful Lucia was. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for being such a special part of our day!

Mr & Mrs Thomas