Planning a Wedding in Surrey:Venues, Tips, and Insights from Your Surrey Wedding Planner

Planning a Wedding in Surrey:Venues, Tips, and Insights from Your Surrey Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding in Surrey, with its stunning landscapes and elegant venues, is a dream come true for many couples.

Hi, I am Lucia, I’m a wedding planner based in Surrey, working across the UK. My goal is to curate special celebrations that transcend the ordinary creating unforgettable moments for busy couples integrating meticulous planning with artistic flair and intimate knowledge of the country’s venues and cultural vibrancy.

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Hotels & Manor Houses in Surrey

Surrey has many beautiful hotels that can host your dream wedding. Coworth Park and Fairmont Windsor Park are perfect for traditional weddings with full-service packages. Both located near Windsor Great Park offers a variety of indoor and outdoor outdoor spaces with stunning countryside views, ideal for those who appreciate a rural backdrop.

Another great venue is Beaverbrook Hotel which provides a historical yet exclusive setting, perfect for those seeking a private and highly personalised wedding experience. Such venues not only enhance your ceremony and provide exquisite photo opportunities but also infuse your celebration with an unmistakable air of elegance and distinctiveness. The ultimate luxury wedding is a celebration that is distinctly yours, down to every last detail creating once in a life time experience.

If the idea of a hotel setting is not attractive to you, perhaps a manor house like Froyle Park or Botley’s Mansion could be the perfect venue for you. Both offering a blend of history and exclusivity, stunning surroundings and countless photo opportunities, weddings here feels both grand and intimate, a perfect start to your happily ever after.

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Marquee Weddings In Surrey

A personal favourite of mine, marquee weddings at home. Only because there are less restrictions and endless design opportunities. The flexibility of marquee weddings means every aspect of the venue, from the layout to styling, can be tailored to your preferences. Whether you opt for a traditional pole marquee or a modern clear-span marquee, it’s essential to work with an experienced wedding planner who specialises in bespoke marquee weddings to help you navigate the complexities of such a unique setup and ensure a smooth, memorable event. This collaboration will help mitigate any potential logistical issues, making your special day as seamless as it is stunning.

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Which one is the right venue for you?

Take a moment as a couple and make a list of what is important to you both. Is it the guest experience? Then a hotel would be perfect, giving your guests the integration of accommodations and festivities under one roof is an invaluable gift. They are afforded the luxury of convenience- no shuttling between venues, no navigating unfamiliar cities.

Having exclusive use of the hotel not only ensures privacy but also offers you the freedom to tailor every corner of the venue to reflect your vision and taste. It’s not just a wedding day, it’s a private, intimate affair that mirrors your unique love story, designed to share that story in the most spectacular fashion with your loved ones.

Is it important to you to party until early hours and have a completely bespoke design? Then is a no brainer that a marquee wedding is the one for you. So, have a glass of wine and please make that list, you can always circle back to it whenever you feel lost in the wedding planning chaos.

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The Budget

Planning the budget for a wedding means making sure you allocate enough money for high-end details while still keeping track of expenses. Start by deciding the total amount you can spend and list out the key areas like the venue, catering, and decorations, which often take up the largest parts of the budget. It’s helpful to set aside about 10% of your budget for unexpected costs to avoid surprises. For luxury weddings, focusing on top-quality suppliers and exclusive services is important, but remember to discuss your budget with them as many can offer bespoke services tailored to your financial limits.

Wedding Suppliers

Choosing the right suppliers for your wedding can make your big day truly magical. Start by looking for local vendors who have experience with Surrey venues- they’ll know what works best in those spaces. Always check reviews to hear from other couples about their experiences. It’s also a good idea to meet suppliers in person or have a video chat to see if you click with them—after all, they will play a big part in your wedding. Don’t rush your decisions. Take your time to compare prices and services to find the best match for your vision and budget. And remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best – quality is key to avoiding any wedding day disappointments.

A wedding planner can be incredibly helpful in finding the right suppliers for your special celebration. They often have a list of trusted vendors they’ve worked with before, from florists and caterers to photographers and musicians. This means they can match you with suppliers who not only fit your style and budget but also have a proven track record. Wedding planners also handle the communication and negotiations, saving you a lot of time and stress and sometimes get you better deals or extras through their industry connections. Plus, they can spot any red flags or issues with suppliers that you might not notice, ensuring everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

Sustainability in luxury events

Integration of sustainability into luxury event planning is not just a trend but a necessity, enhancing both sophistication and environmental responsibility. Venues in Surrey are adopting green technologies, while caterers focus on local and organic ingredients, reducing the carbon footprint and supporting the local economy. Suppliers opt for reusable or recyclable materials and source flowers from sustainable farms. Transportation is streamlined by utilising Surrey’s robust transport network, encouraging the use of public transport or eco-friendly shuttles. Effective waste management strategies are crucial, including recycling initiatives and food donation post-event. By advocating for and implementing these sustainable practices, as a luxury event planner I can ensure that events are both opulent and environmentally conscious, promoting a significant shift towards sustainability in the wedding industry.

Wedding Planners vs Wedding Coordinators

When planning your wedding, understanding the difference between a venue coordinator provided by the wedding venue and hiring a wedding planner is crucial – it could be the best decision you make in the entire planning process.

Venue coordinators are skilled professionals who know their venue intimately, however, they are primarily focused on the operations and logistics specific to the venue itself. On the other hand, a wedding planner is your partner throughout the entire journey, deeply passionate about crafting a celebration that reflects your unique story and vision. They come prepared with industry knowledge, a vast network of vendor contacts, and a commitment to making your day flawless. This passionate involvement ensures that every aspect of your wedding is harmonised with your desires, from family accommodations to guest entertainment.

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Choosing to work with a professional wedding planner means entrusting someone who shares your passion and is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality, offering a truly personalised wedding experience.

Do you need support planning your wedding?

Whether you’re just beginning your planning journey or need help with the final touches, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and see how we can bring your wedding vision to life! We have a personal approach to each and every one of our events and we specialise in creating bespoke celebrations that are as unique each couple’s love story.

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Beyond the Veil: Insider’s Guide to Perfect Wedding Dresses

Beyond the Veil: Insider’s Guide to Perfect Wedding Dresses

Selecting the ideal wedding gown is a crucial phase in every bride’s path to the altar. It represents love, happiness, and the beginning of a new chapter and is much more than just a garment. Over ages, the custom of wearing a wedding dress has changed to reflect changes in fashion and culture. Brides have an infinite number of alternatives nowadays, ranging from contemporary styles to timeless silhouettes, each providing a special means of expressing individual beauty and style.

Wedding dress shopping guide

At least nine to twelve months prior to your wedding day, begin your dress purchasing excursion. This window of time permits perusing, fits, and any required adjustments. Take into account both online and boutique possibilities – they provide distinct experiences and options. Recall that patience, open-mindedness, and a little bit of planning are necessary for a great shopping experience.

Custom vs. Off-the-Rack Wedding Dresses

Deciding between an off-the-rack dress and a custom gown is a big decision. Although they fit perfectly and provide a personalised experience, custom dresses are frequently more expensive and need longer wait times. Off-the-rack gowns provide the advantage of being more affordable and more customisable through modifications.

The Role of Accessories

Your bridal style needs to be completed with accessories. Accessorising your wedding dress with the appropriate pieces can elevate and match it, from jewellery and shoes to veils and tiaras. Selecting items that complement your style without overpowering the garment itself is crucial.

Alterations and Fittings

Professional alterations ensure your wedding dress fits flawlessly. Start the alterations process 2-3 months before your wedding to allow time for multiple fittings and adjustments. A skilled seamstress can make the necessary changes to make your dress feel like it was made just for you.

Sustainable Wedding Dress Options

Eco-conscious brides have several options for selecting a sustainable wedding dress. Eco-friendly fabrics, second-hand gowns, or renting a dress for the big day are all viable choices that minimize environmental impact without sacrificing style.

Cultural and Traditional Wedding Dresses

Exploring wedding dress traditions from around the world can inspire brides looking to incorporate cultural elements into their gowns. Whether it’s a colourful sari, an elegant kimono, or a traditional African garment, embracing cultural heritage can add a deeply personal touch to your wedding.

Indian wedding outfit

Tips for Storing and Preserving Your Wedding Dress

After the wedding, proper cleaning and preservation are crucial for maintaining your dress’s beauty for years to come. Consult with professionals who specialise in wedding dress preservation to ensure your gown remains in pristine condition. My personal preference is storing the dress in a box, wrapped in tissues, both acid-free to prevent yellowing and fabric degradation.

Creating intentional moments for your dream wedding

Creating intentional moments for your dream wedding

When it comes to your wedding day, every moment is precious. It’s a celebration of love, partnership, and the start of a new journey together. But what makes a wedding truly unforgettable? It’s the intentional moments, the personalised touches that reflect your unique story. Today, let’s explore how you can create a wedding day filled with meaning and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Setting

Picture a table set not just with plates and silverware but with intention. Each place card is a whisper of welcome, etched with a guest’s name. The lighting, the napkins, and the centrepieces blend in a symphony of hues, carefully chosen to evoke warmth and joy. These aren’t just details; they’re the silent characters of your wedding story, inviting your loved ones to a celebration that is unmistakably yours

The Details

From the glass in your hand to the menu at your plate, every detail is a thread in the tapestry of your wedding day. Imagine raising a toast in a glass that bears your name, a small but significant nod to the individuality of your celebration. A menu that not only lists the delicacies of the evening but also tells a tale of your culinary journey together. It’s in these details that your wedding whispers its own unique narrative.

The Décor

The décor sets the stage for your wedding’s unforgettable moments. The cake, a masterpiece adorned with colours and textures that speak to your personal style, stands as a sweet emblem of your union. Surrounding it, flowers and fabrics cascade in arrangements that are both wild and meticulously planned. This décor isn’t just seen but felt, wrapping your guests in the essence of your love story.

The Moments

But beyond the visual splendour, it’s the moments you create that truly define your day. It’s in the vows that echo your heart’s promise, the toasts that raise laughter and tears, and the dances that pull everyone closer. Create spaces and opportunities for your guests to share in the joy, to contribute their own threads to the weaving of your wedding day memories.

Reflect as a couple

Establishing an intention for a wedding entails determining and communicating the fundamental principles and aspirations that you wish to incorporate into your big day. What is important is that you make the goal and significance of your wedding celebration crystal clear. The act of preparing your wedding with intention is similar to planting a garden of love; it plants the seeds of happiness that will blossom on your big day. Spend some time together to do some introspection on the significance of marriage and the day of the wedding to the two of you. Discuss the values, beliefs, and goals that you and your partner have in common for your life together. Find ways to include personal details into each and every aspect of the wedding style.

Make it yours

The key to having a wedding day that is entirely deliberate is to carefully curate the details so that they are in line with your values and vision as a couple.

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The ultimate guide to planning your dream wedding

The ultimate guide to planning your dream wedding

Dive into our all-inclusive wedding planning guide, where we cover the current trends in wedding celebrations as well as how to choose the ideal location. With our professional advice, your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life.

Weddings symbolise the joining of two families and individuals, and they differ beautifully across countries and traditions, however they are always a joyous occasion to celebrate love. Weddings are a celebration of love in all its forms, from small, private elopements to large, public celebrations. An elegant and effortless wedding is within reach with the help of this guide, which sets out on a quest to discover the heart of weddings.

Organising the Ideal Wedding

Strategic planning is the first step on the road to your ideal wedding. The first step in planning any event, from choosing the location to vetting potential vendors, is to create a detailed budget. The date guarantees that the location fits easily into your and your guests’ schedules, while the choice of venue establishes the mood for the big day. Let’s get into the details of planning a wedding that goes above and beyond your expectations.

There are a number of phases involved in planning the ideal wedding that, when carefully followed, can result in a day that wonderfully captures the couple’s love and individuality. Here, we dissect the fundamental elements of strategic planning to guarantee that your wedding not only fulfils but beyond all of your expectations.

Establishing a Detailed Budget

The budget serves as the guide for organising your wedding. It determines every choice you make going forward. A well-planned budget should include all costs, including those for the venue, cuisine, clothing, decorations, and any extra services like entertainment and photography.

As an illustration, think about dividing your budget among your top priorities. For example, if you can’t compromise on a great location or an excellent photographer, spend a bigger percentage of your budget there and look for methods to cut costs on other areas, such homemade décor or digital invites. Planning a London wedding could be more expensive than countryside affairs, perhaps it could be something to consider when you start looking for venues.

Choosing the right venue

The location creates the mood for your memorable day. It’s not just about style, functionality is also important. The location should be a reflection of the couple’s individuality and meet their requirements in terms of size, accessibility, and available dates.

An outdoor wedding in a botanical garden or national park could provide for an exquisite setting for a nature-loving couple. Make sure the location has a backup plan in place in case of bad weather, such as an adjacent indoor hall.

Selecting the perfect date

Everything from guest attendance to wedding costs may change depending on the date of your wedding. Depending on the locale, peak wedding season can vary, but it usually spans late spring to early fall. Off-peak months may offer more venue availability and cheaper prices.

You can stick to your budget and add a personal touch to your wedding by selecting a date that holds special value for you, like your first anniversary or a less-travelled month like November.

Vetting potential suppliers

The quality of your wedding vendors can make all the difference. It’s important to carefully consider each possible vendor, from DJs and photographers to caterers and flowers. To be sure they can realise your idea, check through their portfolios, read evaluations, and, if you can, have a face-to-face meeting.

For instance, when selecting a caterer, arrange a sampling to make sure the cuisine fulfils your requirements and go over customisation choices to fit your wedding’s theme or dietary needs.

Creating a comprehensive plan

After deciding on a date, budget, venue, and vendors, the next step is to draft an extensive plan that covers every facet of the day. This consists of an itinerary, a plan of the location, and an account of who is responsible for what.

To keep track of assignments, due dates, and payments, use project management software or wedding planning apps. Assign responsibilities to your bridal party or family members to assist with running things like guest transportation arrangements and décor setup.

Making sure it fits Into your lives perfectly

The perfect wedding not only fulfils the couple’s dreams but also blends in perfectly with their guests’ and their own life. Think about things like how long it will take to get to the location, lodging for guests travelling from out of town, and any customs you would like to include that are cultural or personal.

If a large number of attendees are travelling from outside the area, take into account locations that offer on-site or nearby lodging. Give visitors a list of things to do or places to see in the vicinity to turn their visit into a mini-vacation.

Your day, Your way

Your wedding is a joyous occasion that symbolises the start of a fresh chapter in your lives, a deep celebration of love. You can make your wedding a lovely reflection of your love for one another with careful preparation, a pinch of imagination, and an emphasis on the things that really important. Never forget that the love story being celebrated is the true essence of a wedding – all else is merely a means to pay tribute to and celebrate that love.

Wedding Trends 2024

Wedding Trends 2024

As we enter the magical wedding land of 2024, a sea of change is taking place within this beautiful industry. A departure from fleeting trends is underway, with couples gracefully embracing the enduring allure of classic, timeless designs. The focus will be on creating stylish celebrations that reflect personalisation, multiday festivities, unexpected tablescapes designs and immersive entertainment.

We are seeing a lot of IN and OUT and lots of trends being layered all over the internet, but do you have to follow them? The answer is no.

My own input regarding unique celebrations

Here is an innovating idea:

Starting the wedding festivities off with an official ceremony on Friday and then an intimate dinner is a beautiful and meaningful idea. In a low-key atmosphere, the newlyweds and their immediate family and friends can relish the moment, revel in the closeness, and commemorate the formal union.

Saturday at 5 o’clock for the wedding breakfast is a fantastic choice. A new and interesting approach would be to let people use the whole day to do what they want. The happy couple can relax and enjoy themselves thanks to this arrangement, which spares them the stress and hustle of wedding day preparations. To make sure the happy couple is ready to enjoy the party to the fullest, it’s best to get ready in a relaxed setting.

The current trend towards multi-day celebrations is perfectly in line with a vision for a wedding that takes place over the course of two days, with each day serving a different function and having its own distinct vibe. It makes the big day more enjoyable for everyone involved, from the happy couple to their guests, who can take it all in without feeling rushed. The first step in creating a wedding that truly reflects who we are is exploring our life story in great detail. When we look back on our lives, what are the specific events, characteristics, and aspirations that shape us? It’s about adding the shades of our personal narrative to the celebration, not merely choosing colours or themes.

Colour of the year

A colour can carry a profound message and Peach Fuzz is a delicate and comforting tone, whispers a tale of nurturing kindness and fostering deep connections. It’s a hue that transcends the visual spectrum, reaching into the realm of emotions and sentiments. The soft, peachy undertones evoke a sense of tranquillity, making it the perfect canvas for a year that seeks peace and harmony. But its not new in the wedding industry, we have been incorporating it for years and I love it, hopefully we will see more of it in big powerful statements.

Make it yours

The little things that makes you unique, as a couple can become moments on your special day. Your favourite wine or a specific dish, silly inside jokes or special moments from your life can be transformed into a unique feature on the day. Every detail, from a menu item that brings back fond memories to a flower that honours a common interest, adds a personal touch that tells our love story and makes the celebration truly special. Delve deep and find those quirks.


The goal is simple but profound. When the last dance has been danced and the final toast has been made, we want your guests to leave with a deep understanding of who we are as a couple. Each chosen detail, from the curated playlist to the carefully selected decor, becomes a piece of the puzzle that forms a cohesive image of your love story. The key lies in seeking those personal moments that make a big impact. It’s about transforming quirks into statements, inviting guests into the chapters of our story, and creating an atmosphere where everyone says, “Yes, this is who they are.” For in the deeply personal details, we find the magic that turns a celebration into an authentic reflection of you.

Multicultural Wedding Magic. 6 tips To navigatE the planning of a multicultural wedding

Multicultural Wedding Magic. 6 tips To navigatE the planning of a multicultural wedding

Are you a couple that has recently become engaged and are now beginning the road that will lead you to your wedding day? Congratulations to you! There is no doubt that the idea of getting married is an exciting one, yet, it may also be a little intimidating, particularly if you and your partner come from different cultural settings. To those of you who are in love, there is no need to be concerned since today we are going to explore the world of multicultural weddings. In order to make sure that your big day is a lovely tapestry of many influences, we will discuss how to combine classics with a splash of humour.

1. Embrace the Diversity of Your Cultural Background

Imagine a scenario in which a South Korean groom and an Italian bride decide to marry and decide to mix the graceful Korean bowing ritual with the vivacious Italian tarantella dance. For your wedding, it’s like having a cultural fusion culinary experience! Engage in the celebration of your own histories and discover the ways in which your customs can be brought together to produce a show that is both harmonious and entertaining.

Who knew that kimchi and pasta could form such a great combination?

2. Communicate with The Members of Your Families:

Each of your families may have their own set of expectations and traditions that they would like to see incorporated into your wedding. Having talks with them that are open and honest is important. In the process of combining traditions, it is important to have a few chuckles about the potential difficulties and misconceptions that may develop. It is possible that a good laugh will help smooth out any cultural bumps that may occur along the route.

3. Discover areas of agreement:

The goal is to find aspects of both of your cultures that are comparable or that can be easily combined. It is possible for these shared values to serve as the basis for your multicultural wedding. These may include a love for music, a mutual taste for delicious food, or a shared value of family.

4. Inform Your Visitors as Follows

There are some people who might not be familiar with the rituals and practises that are associated with your culture. Including a “Cultural Crash Course” in the wedding programme is a great way to inject some humour into the affair. In order to illustrate the significance of the numerous rituals, you should provide humorous stories and anecdotes.

Humorous Advice: “To our guests who are new to Korean wedding customs, don’t worry, we promise that the bowing ceremony won’t turn into an impromptu yoga class!”

5. Make Your Vows More Personal:

By including cultural references, anecdotes, or even inside jokes into your vows, you may easily inject humour into the ceremony. This not only provides a sense of personalisation but also ensures that your guests remain interested and entertained.

6. Celebrate the fusion of your cultures through food:

The celebration is a wonderful opportunity to combine culturally significant culinary traditions. Offer your guests a menu that incorporates meals from both cultures, and allow them to savour the delectable combination of the two civilizations.

A favourite of mine “Our wedding menu is like our relationship: a mix of the sweet, the spicy, and the downright cheesy!”

With the rich colours of your love and ethnic origins, your multicultural wedding is a canvas that is just begging to be painted on. Remember that the purpose of this event is to celebrate the unique trip that you and your partner have taken together, and embrace the humour that may be found in the merging of traditions. Therefore, make your wedding a beautiful tapestry of cultures, seasoned with laughter and love, and get ready for a lifetime of amazing cultural adventures they will share together. I raise a glass to your incredible multiethnic wedding celebration!